About Arcola Community School

 School Demographics: 

Arcola School opened on February 1, 1955 with a K – 5 learning program with six classrooms, an office and staffroom on the main floor and two large playrooms and a general purpose room in the basement.  In 1958, with increasing enrollment, the south wing was added housing six additional classrooms, a home economics room and two rooms that housed the AV department for Regina Public.  In 1971, the AV department moved to Lorne Street and the rooms became an infant resource centre and a multipurpose room.  The current gymnasium was added in 1972.  In 1975, a learner pool was installed in the North Wing basement.  In 1976, Arcola became the first home school of the Resource Room for children with visual impairments.


Arcola School expanded its original boundaries to consolidate both Cresent School (1993) and Wetmore School (1997) after their closings and has since provided the families within each area with bussing and lunchroom supervision.  In May of 1999, Arcola School was designated a Community School and the first Pre-Kindergarten program began in September. In 2009/10, Arcola Community School participated in the structural innovation initiative forwarded by Regina Public Schools.  The significant change that was made under structural innovation was a shift from single grade classrooms to more collaborative and flexible teaching arrangements.


The community is diverse with both affordable housing and rental properties in the immediate area.   There are approximately 370 students registered at Arcola Community School for the 2014/15 school year, which draws students from Broders Annex, Assiniboia Place and Glen Elm Park subdivisions of the city. With recent increased immigration to Regina, Arcola has experienced an increase in new immigrant families from all over the world increasing our EAL population. 


In November 2012, the existing school was demolished and the students and staff moved into a new architecturally designed facility on the existing property.  The new design is intended to support 21st century learning and structural innovation through the use of diverse and expandable learning areas as well as collaborative spaces for teacher planning. Attached below is the Arcola user Manual that is provided to staff with information on how to use the school design and features.  


School Programs and Services: 

Arcola Community School offers three half-time Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs, grades one to eight, and a full time Resource Program for students with visual impairments.  Arcola offers an array of supports and programs– learning resource, reading intervention, EAL, speech and language, occupational therapist, early observation and planning, school counselor services, plus psychologist support. As a community school, we provide the services of a community coordinator, classroom supports of 2 teacher associates, and snack and nutritional support through a nutrition coordinator.


Our Schools moral purpose is founded on the Circle of Courage philosophy and our values are focused on kindness, fairness, and respect. Our motto is: 

At Arcola Community School we believe in Kindness, Fairness, and Respect.  


School Governance Structure: 

Arcola Community School has a principal and vice-principal. There is also a student leadership council (SLC) facilitated by staff members that provide leadership and run school wide events.  All staff participate on one of three LIP committees focused on literacy, numeracy, and equitable opportunities.  These committees drive and support our goals for student achievement and school programming. 




The first School Community Council was elected in October 2010. There are several community members who sit on the council four of which hold the positions of chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer.  Four school personnel including the principal, vice-principal, community school coordinator, and a teacher participate on the School Community Council as well. 


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