Hot Lunch Program

There are a number of changes occurring at Arcola Community School for our lunch hour. As we have been charging money and selling food as a part of our HOT LUNCH program, the Regina Qu'Appelle Health District has identified that we must make an application for New Premises (Restaurant).

This application may take some time, and until we know that we meet the expected guidelines and standards, our HOT LUNCH PROGRAM WILL NOT BE OPERATING  at Arcola School. In addition, if the program does get approval, fees will go up to make sure that we have covered the costs of the food. We will continue to complete our application and determine menus and costs so that, if the application is approved, we will be able to continue with our HOT LUNCH program on a cost recovery basis.

Over the noon hour, we will also be making some changes to the lunch period. Students will be assigned to their homeroom if they are bussed or if parents identify that they will be staying for lunch. Indoor lunch will be 30 minutes - from 11:45am to 12:15pm. At 12:15pm, all students will go outside for recess for the second half hour. It is important that children bring lunches that may be eaten within the half hour period. Families are encouraged to send any meals that need to be heated in thermoses as many lunchrooms will not have microwaves and students only have 30 minutes to eat their lunches.

Thank-you for your patience and assistance!