Farewell, Dragons!

Many of our incredible Arcola Community School staff are leaving us at the end of the year. No matter where they go, we know that they will always be a Dragon through and through! At ACS, we are more than a staff... we are a family. We have all been enriched by the effort and care taken by every staff member here, and we are so thankful for everything that they have all done for our students. We wish you all the best of luck in your new positions and journeys!

Families, be sure to pop in at any point over the next two weeks to come in and send your best wishes!


  • Ms. Pat Gwilliam, our Community Coordinator, will be enjoying retirement!
  • Mr. Pat Mooney, our Principal, will be Principal at Harbour Landing School.
  • Ms. Kamille Lech, our Vice Principal and Teacher-Librarian, will be principal at William Derby School.
  • Mrs. Jessica Rausch is currently on maternity leave and will be moving to Grant Road School when she returns.
  • Mrs. Shae-Lynne Attwater will be the Learning Resource Teacher at Ruth M. Buck and W. H. Ford Schools.
  • Mrs. Kali Bortis is moving to Grade 2/3 at Henry Janzen School.
  • Mr. Nick Barnes will be teaching Physical Education at McClurg School.
  • Miss Keyaira Jones will be teaching Grade 2/3 at Wascana Plains School.
  • Ms. Crystal Bray will be teaching Grade 2 at Wascana Plains School.
  • Ms. Samina Sageer, our teacher of students who speak English as an Additional Language, will be at Gladys McDonald, McClurg, W.S. Hawrylak and Elsie Mironuck Schools.
  • Mr. Jason Church will be moving to high school and teaching at F.W. Johnson Collegiate.
  • Mrs. Paula Fiorante will be teaching Grade 7/8 at Ruth M. Buck School.
  • Mrs. Tara Guest will be moving to Campbell Collegiate to support our students with visual impairments as they transition to high school.
  • Elder Val Ironchild will be supporting other schools in the fall.
  • Ms. Emmy Maghilom will be moving to Campbell Collegiate in the fall to work with Mrs. Guest and the Campbell PSVI program.
  • Mrs. Myrna Lacsa will be an educational assistant at Lakeview School.
  • Ms. Emery Alberts will be an educational assistant at M.J. Coldwell School.
  • Ms. Debbie Yan will be an educational assistant at another school.
  • Mrs. Brenda Ashton will be an interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program at Henry Janzen School.
  • Mrs. Regina Gayapa will be an educational assistant at Rosemont Community School.
  • Mrs.  Morgan Reed, our Superintendent, will be supporting new schools in the fall.
  • Mrs. Tara Garratt, our School Psychologist, will be supporting new schools in the fall.