Jun 25 2015

We are now officially closed for the summer!

All students return to school on Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

Please find attached the School Supply List for Kindergarten to Grade 8.

If you would like to register your child for the 2015-2016 School Year, please follow this link to Regina Public School website:




Arcola Community School is a Scent Free Facility

Thank-you for not wearing strongly scented products in our facility.  Please open the attached PDF for more information.  



Words from the Principal from the Grade 8 Farewell

Good evening parents, family members, colleagues, special guests and most importantly our grade 8 students. Tonight we not only celebrate your achievements and successes throughout your time in elementary school, but we honor and thank-you for your commitment to your school to make it a better place.  Your leadership as grade 8 students is an important role in providing role models to our younger students of which I will talk about shortly. 

As we celebrate your achievements and thank-you for your contributions to Arcola school throughout your years here, it is also an opportunity for you to thank those people who have invested so much into your lives to get to this point.  Both your parents and teachers are important people who through the good times and the hard times have been there to help you persevere and succeed.  For some of you who have been at Arcola your whole elementary career some of these teachers have watched you grow up and mature.  Some of these teachers have invested a lot of time and energy not only teaching you, but coaching you, counselling you, and supporting you.   I want to personally thank all the staff for your commitment to these students in helping them get to this point in their schooling.  The dedication and commitment of teachers plays an important part in a child’s life.  You may not remember your math lessons in 10 years, but you will remember your teachers!

Gr. 8’s you have heard me , Mrs. Harris and many staff members say this a thousand times over the past two years.  “Arcola students believe in Kindness Fairness and Respect.”  It is etched on the outside of our building it is stuck to the walls and it is repeated at assemblies, announcements and when welcoming guests.  Although you may be tired of hearing it – you need to know that as grade 8’s you have played an important role in making these three words become an engrained part of our school culture.  Your reflection of these three words in your actions, words, and support of school events inspires those students in the younger grades to carry these forward.  I am very proud of each and every student in this grade 8 class – not because you have been perfect and always agreeable – that is part of growing up, but because you persevered through change, raised your expectations and have set a new tone for the middle years in our school.  My hope is that your leadership will have inspired the grades after you as they take on leadership roles next year.  

 So grade 8’s as you move on to high school my challenge for you is to take those three words  - Kindness, Fairness and Respect and put them daily into your actions in how you treat others, how you handle challenges and new situations, and most of all how you lead those around you.  Our world needs compassionate and honest people to change that which is unkind, unfair, and unjust.  You may be leaving Arcola, but our school values are now etched on your heart and mind and will travel with you and remind you of the character of the person you need to be to change the things that hurt and mislead others.  This is your character and it will be what defines you.  Stand strong for Kindness, Fairness, and Respect. 

Grade 8’s I wish you success in high school, get involved and enjoy the great moments to come.  In all of your adventures however, I challenge you to not only define your success with what you accomplish at high school, the friends you will make, and the great times you will have, but also by the character in who you are and what you inspire to become. 


Thank-You and Congratulations Grade 8’s!

Dental Care at Saskatchewan Polytechnic for School-Aged Children

The Dental Clinic will offter services to those who can arrange their own troansportation to the clinic.  The clinic is open Monday-Thursday for children, their parents and the general public to access dental care.  To make an appointment for the Dental Clinic, please call 306-775-7531. Please see the attached poster.  


Regina Public Schools is implementing a new High School Strategy for the 2015/16 school year. The goal of this strategy is to create more equity of opportunities for all high school students in Regina Public Schools through a student’s neighbourhood high school, as well as providing access to Campus Regina Public programming.


This change is important to you and to students because it will more closely align elementary schools with their neighbourhood high schools and provide much greater access to curricular and extra-curricular programming for all students, regardless of where they live in the city of Regina. It will mean a much clearer and successful transition from elementary school to high school.  This change comes after consultation with parents, students, staff and the community.

The benefits to all high school students will be:

·        Access to a diverse set of quality courses and extracurricular programs at all neighbourhood high schools.

·        Access to more specialized programming for French Immersion, and enriched programming, including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate.

·        Students will also benefit from programming at Martin Academy, as well as specific programs for students with intensive support needs.

·        All Grades 11 and 12 students will have access to Campus Regina Public courses, regardless of which high school they attend.


All Grade 8 students received a brochure detailing the changes and will also have had the opportunity to learn more at their neighbourhood high school open houses in February and March. We invite you to find out more. To find out more, Please contact your school principal and for more detailed information, please visit:


Please find below a link to the Early Years Family Centre’s Monthly Calendar/Newsletter and program posters. 

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