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Welcome Back BBQ and Open House

On Wednesday, September 18, from 5-7 p.m., we are hosting a "Welcome Back!" BBQ and Open House. We hope to see many of our family members there! 

Our food orders were submitted on Friday, September 13. Everyone is invited to join us at our Open House, including those who chose not to order. Those who ordered can pick up their BBQ tickets from your child's teacher.

Seesaw: A Learning Portfolio and Communication Tool

Many classrooms at Arcola Community School use the Seesaw app to connect with families.

Seesaw lets us...

  • Send out group messages and files to all families.
  • Send direct messages back and forth with individual family members.
  • Document student learning through photos, videos and more!
  • Empower students to document their own learning.

If your child's teacher is using Seesaw, there are only two steps to follow!