Thank you, Ms. Gwilliam!

Oh, Ms. Gwilliam, what will we do without you?! Ms. Gwilliam retires at the end of June. She has been our fearless and dedicated Community Coordinator for 11 years, responsible for writing grants, working with families, supporting students, partnering with our School Community Council... and truly everything in between. Even in a large school like ours, every single student (from our Pre-Kinders all the way up to our almost-finished Grade 8s) can tell you all about her! She can be incredibly proud of a 30+ year career with Regina Public Schools. We are honoured to call you a #Dragon… always!

Ms. Gwilliam's retirement was the special celebration of our year-end assembly today. We have other incredible staff members continuing their career journeys at other schools next year as well. Stay tuned for some more information about their next steps on our facebook page soon!