Staff Directory

At Arcola Community School, our staff is like a family. We are dedicated to working together to create the best educational opportunities for your children. Click on any staff name to e-mail them. If a staff member has a classroom website, blog, or public social media account, you can click on the icon beside their name to view it.


Administration and Office Staff


Classroom Teachers


Specialist Teaching Staff


Program for Students with Visual Impairments (PSVI)


Paraprofessional and Support Staff

  • Mrs. Alice Goforth - Teacher Associate
  • Mr. Albert Ferozdin - Educational Assistant
  • Ms. Isma Maryam - Educational Assistant
  • Ms. Leona Fornwald - Educational Assistant (Campus Regina Public)
  • Ms. Puneet Bedi - Educational Assistant
  • Ms. Roberta Bynes - Teacher Associate (Campus Regina Public)
  • Ms. Ruby Dhunna - Teacher Associate
  • Ms. Taruna Patel - Educational Assistant
  • Ms. Trelyn Faubert - Educational Assistant
  • Ms. Victoria Blackett - Educational Assistant
  • Mr. Zach Nenson - Educational Assistant
  • Ms. Diane Fahlman - Educational Assistant (PSVI)
  • Ms. Maria Marin - Educational Assistant (PSVI)
  • Mr. Travis Longman - Educational Assistant (PSVI)
  • Ms. Gulnaz Parveen - Educational Assistant (PSVI)
  • Ms. Angela Kayter - Braillist (PSVI)
  • Ms. Lavonne Anthony - Braillist (PSVI)
  • Ms. Lindsay Babiarz - Braillist (PSVI)
  • Mrs. Lisa Marwick - Braillist (PSVI)
  • Ms. Karla Ell - Mobility Specialist (PSVI)
  • Ms. Dianne Digness - Community Nutrition Coordinator 


Board Office Partners

  • Mr. Rick Steciuk - Superintendent
  • Mrs. Aleana Young - School Board Trustee
  • Ms. Danielle Desjarlais - School Counselor
  • Ms. Rori Lee - School Psychologist 
  • Ms. Arlene Sojonky - Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Mr. Blair Randall - School Resource Officer