Hot Dog Lunch (November 30) - Orders DUE on Thursday, November 22

We're having a hot dog lunch on Friday, November 30 to support United Way Regina!

For $5, you can choose one of the options.
 * Veggie Hot Dog
 * Halal Hot Dog
 * Beef Hot Dog

All come with a hot dog, bag of chips and a bottled water.

Families, students brought these yellow notes home. If yours is missing, just send a note with your order and the money. Thank you! Orders are DUE this Thursday, November 22.

Absences Add Up!

Did you know?

Being on time for school sets your child up for a great day of learning.
Even in Kindergarten, absences can cause children to fall behind in their learning.
Missing 10 percent (or about 18 days) can make it difficult to learn to read – a critical future skill.